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TOP 6: These Biking Inventions Just Might Save Your Life.. 🚴🏽

The year of 2017 has been a huge one. The world's moving super fast, the Cycling Industry included!

Read below to see the Top 6 Bike Safety Innovations of 2017. If you're a serious biker and love to cycle, you definitely should give this a read. 

First though, here is an infographic showing stats on Cycling Accidents done by the NHTSA:

1. Intelligent LED Turn Signal for your bike

That's right. This Intelligent Turn Signal goes onto the back of your bike and actually senses what direction you're bikes tilted (in which direction you are going to turn) and then displays the appropriate turn signal!

As shown in the infographic above, a huge percentage of bike crashes are caused by drivers who could not see/did not know where the biker was headed! These kind of crashes can result in serious injury that can very well affect you for the rest of your life!

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They've actually just released a Version 2! This one allows you to manually control the turn signal with a wireless remote on your handlebars.. Like a real turn signal from a car! 

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Why is this thing awesome you might ask?

  • It makes sure everyone on the road knows where you're headed
  • Helps avoid getting hit by cars at night
  • Adds an intelligent function to your bike
  • It even projects a bike lane symbol via laser on the ground behind you!

We personally had to put this one at the top since it can SERIOUSLY be the difference between life and death!


We know wearing a helmet sucks sometimes. We know that it sucks even more to carry it around afterwards. 

But helmets are 100% necessary. They can be the difference between life and death and must be worn whenever riding a bike!

Even though they suck and they're bulky though, doesn't mean they can't be improved

This helmet shown above actually folds to a much more compact size so you can store it in a bag / backpack for way better portability!

Not to mention you'll look like a bad ass when people see you fold up your helmet.

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3. LED Remote Controlled Turn Signal Vest

Yup, this is a special one. It's actually a remote controlled vest that you wear and connects to a remote on your handlebars!

You can then control what direction you'd like to display with the control!

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This is like the LED Turn Signal but on steroids! There will be no car on the road that won't see you and where you're headed, making sure you don't get hit and suffer serious injury at night!

4. This is a funny but serious one, be prepared... Bicycle Underwear

Like I said, this is a funny one.

Look, we all know that bike seats can be SUPER uncomfortable at times. 

And not to mention for us guys, it can get a bit... sweaty/uncomfortable around that "area"

These underwear are padded with a gel/sponge material that lets that area be breathable as well as padded and comfortable!

It may look funny, but don't worry, they go under your pants. 

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Not to mention you'll be the most comfortable rider on the road!

This is a cool one 😜

It actually projects lasers on the ground around you when you ride to almost project a "bike lane" onto the ground so drivers around can see you at night! (AND so you don't get smacked!)

And since there's already lines on the ground,  they know to "stay out of your lane"

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This will definitely help bike riders all over the world avoid collisions with drivers late at night. Cycling in the dark can be dangerous, but we can definitely make it safer.

6. And finally... BIKE BALLS!

Yes this one is a tad bit silly, we know. It keeps you safe though ;)

Every driver's gonna notice these hanging from your rear at night so YOU WON'T GET HIT!

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It was a long journey, but we have arrived. You now know the top 7 Bike Safety Innovations of 2017. Safety on the road is key, DON'T FORGET IT!

Have a great rest of your day!