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    Dual Plasma-Beam Wind/Splash-Proof Lighter

    This Dual Beam Plasma Lighter is just like those crazy Plazmatic Lighters everywhere.. BUT THEY FIT BOWLS! Smoke butane-free with these lighters out of any bowl you'd like. Product Features Wind-proof and water-proof USB-Rechargeable Butane-Free Fits in bowls! Available in: Gold Chrome, Silver, Neo-Chrome, Metallic Blue, Black Chrome, Gold, Matte Black, and Matte Silver Shipping Shipping: 5-7 Days   OUR GUARANTEE...

    Phone Stand/Holder Ring Spinner

    Impress friends and family when they see your phone legitimately SPINNING in your hand.  Don't worry, we pay shipping! (USA Only)100% Money Back if not satisfied, Guaranteed.(More about the product below)Features Extremely lightweight, easy to carry and comfortable handheld experience. Take it wherever you want, stay productive anytime. Suitable for ADHD, autism and anxiety sufferers. Help you stay focused, and mitigate...

    Super Saiyan Classic Dad Cap🔥

    We can guarantee, you've never seen a Dragon Ball Z hat that looks as cool as this one. This hat is key for anyone with love for Goku. 🔑 Not just for the man of the house, this ultimate dad hat is perfect for anyone who appreciates comfy old school cool. PRODUCT FEATURES: 100% cotton chino twill • Unstructured, low-profile • 6...

    "The Cure to Plastic Earbuds" Apple Earphone Hooks

    We've officially solved the problem of loose earbuds! 🏆 Introducing.. "The Cure To Plastic Earbuds" Apple Earphone Hooks. 🎧 Many of us have experienced that ALTHOUGH Apple earphones/Airpod's have fantastic sound quality and a beautiful look... They have a LOT of trouble staying in our ears! Pretty much any move we make causes them to slip out, which can be...

    Gold Chain & Volcanic Stone Skulls Bracelet

    Bracelets, like watches, can be worn daily. Some are dressier and suit more formal occasions. A bracelet is a versatile accessory that  reflects your personality and brings out the color in your outfits.This bracelet is perfect for those who love the finer things in life.Features: Leather Band Stainless steel quality build Unique latching system Beautiful Design   OUR GUARANTEE We truly believe that...