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    Novelty Finds

    Dual Plasma-Beam Wind/Splash-Proof Lighter

    This Dual Beam Plasma Lighter is just like those crazy Plazmatic Lighters everywhere.. BUT THEY FIT BOWLS! Smoke butane-free with these lighters out of any bowl you'd like. Product Features Wind-proof and water-proof USB-Rechargeable Butane-Free Fits in bowls! Available in: Gold Chrome, Silver, Neo-Chrome, Metallic Blue, Black Chrome, Gold, Matte Black, and Matte Silver Shipping Shipping: 5-7 Days   OUR GUARANTEE...

    Gear Box Fidget Keychain

    This keychain is the fidget toy for car enthusiasts. We all love the joy of shifting gears, that's the whole reason we drive stick! This keychain perfectly emulates that satisfying shift; except it's for the tip of your fingers. Features 🛠 Real gear box-like shift feeling Great for fidgetting Looks great on your keys! Made from high-quality durable materials Shipping...

    Mouse Bungee

    Are you tired of your mouse cable ruining your gameplay? If so, this Mouse Bungee is perfect for you.It holds your cord off the surface using a spring-like mechanism that makes sure your mouse NEVER gets in the way again. Perfect for anyone that wishes to take their gaming to the next level. Features Holds cord off surface to keep...

    BakersTech™ 5 Layers Cake Leveler

    Quickly and Easily Slice Perfect Cake Layers - Simply attach to the ends of your favorite knife, and slice  Our Cake Cutter is ideal for both professional & amateur bakers alike. Five layers allow you to adjust the thickness of the cake you want to slice Good kit for cake layer slicing Simply attaches to any of your favorite knives...

    Fully Adjustable Chill Desk

    Computing on the couch has NEVER been so comfortable. NOW INCLUDES ATTACHED MOUSE PANEL! Do you use your laptop while laying in bed or relaxing on the couch? NOW AVAILABLE WITH ATTACHED MOUSE PANEL! 🎉 As you probably know already, laptop's emit uncomfortable heat on your lap and do not properly vent with no place for the airflow to go. ...

    Bluetooth LED Programmable Spinner

    The Fidget Spinner of the Future This fidget spinner is unlike any you've EVER seen. It's bluetooth controlled via a mobile app where you can display custom texts and patterns using a total of 11 LED lights. The spinner itself has a sleek & futuristic design, and is guaranteed to impress family & friends.   Features: Bluetooth controlled spinner Display...

    Phone Stand/Ring Holder Fidget Spinner

    The ultimate accessory for your phone.. 🏆 This awesome accessory sticks via adhesive to the back of your phone/case and acts as a phone stand as well as a ring holder! Not to mention you can fidget like crazy with your finger behind your phone. Guaranteed to make your phone 50x more fun, this spinner is the perfect addition. Features Fidget...

    LED Anti-Slip Gaming USB Mouse Pad

    LIMITED TIME ONLY ⏰ ⬇️  Scroll down to see how you can get your FREE Future-Wing Gaming Mouse with your purchase. ⬇️ The final step to making your gaming set-up as awesome as it can possibly be.. This LED Mouse pad has a dazzling LED effect that will leave friends in awe. It features an Anti-Slip rubber mat and is...

    The Playing Card's Enthusiast Fidget Spinner

    The perfect spinner for those who play poker. Great for relieving stress and anxiety in that heated moment! Features Available in Gold, Silver, & Rose Gold Super smooth spin High quality bearings Durable build Beautiful design   OUR GUARANTEE We truly believe that we make some of the most innovative products in the world, and we want to make sure we...