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You can NEVER have too many Dragon Balls.
For a limited time, receive a FREE Dragon Ball keychain with your order.
Don't miss out on this awesome offer.
For every order placed, we will include a free Dragon Ball keychain for a limited time.
Do you love Dragon Ball Z?
This gorgeous Dragon Ball shift knob is key for anyone with any amount of respect for the Saiyans and a love for cars.
Worried it won't fit? Don't.
Every order is included with a threading knob that fits various cars shown in the cart below.
Make sure to check here for thread sizes!
Please confirm that this shift knob will fit your car before purchasing.
Functionality on point.
This shift knob feels great in the hand and gives the perfect weight necessary to shift.
Aesthetics also on point.
The Dragon ball has a gorgeous amber shine and holds whatever amount of red stars you'd like from 1-7 stars.
Its waiting for you.
The shift knob is calling your name.
To get your free keychain:
After adding the shift knob above to your cart, return to this page and add the keychain to your cart. Upon checkout enter the code FREEKEYCHAIN and you will not be charged for the keychain.
Shipping Time: 9-16 days